Q: Do I need a referral from an agency to become a member of SOSOLO?

A: No you do not, in fact you can make a self-referral by calling, or emailing us.  Members must identify as having someone who is close to them (Family member, friend, community member etc.) who is or has been in conflict with the law (arrested, going through court, awaiting sentencing, in jail/prison, living in the community on probation/parole).

Q: Does SOSOLO do presentations/training for other organizations - grass roots, non-profits, government?

A: Yes we do, when we come into your space we gear the presentation towards the target audience, which consists of professional guidance for front line workers who may encounter this population, in combination with lived experiences.  If you are interested in having us come and speak to your group, please contact us to discuss it further.

Q: Does SOSOLO work with children impacted by incarceration?

A: We currently do not work directly providing support services to children or youth under the age of 18, however provide indirect support to their caregivers, as well as referrals to appropriate agencies who are specialized in doing this work.

Q: Does SOSOLO do interviews with the media?

A: Yes we partake in interviews with radio/television who are respectful to the population we serve, as well as write articles for various newspapers.  Please contact us for further information.