SOSOLO focuses on supporting loved ones of people who are in conflict with the law/incarcerated/reintegrating through our bimonthly support group meetings called The Journey, one-on-one work.  There are a wonderful group of people - intimate partners, parents, adult children, friends etcetera who attend the in-person meetups, sharing food and rich discussions.  The locations of the support group meetings change depending on the weeks topic, for example if we are discussing the challenges we face the meeting may be held in an office space, whereas when we have self-care days we will meet at a bowling lane to let loose, laugh and have some fun.

We do our best to facilitate a safe, warm space for everyone to share their experiences, rooted in collectively brainstormed 'ground rules'.  Within this support group are members from diverse social locations varying in age, sexuality, ethno-racial, spiritual, and ability-based identities.  Support group members experiences also range from having a loved one who has been newly arrested, all the way to reintegration and warrant expiry stages.


This aspect of SOSOLO works to address the issue of reducing isolation so often encountered by loved ones, who face continual social stigma and criminalization by default of supporting someone in conflict with the law.  Having a circle of people to whom one can speak freely and without fear of judgment, may not change the immediate situation, however, it can significantly minimize the psycho-emotional-spiritual traumas that may otherwise be experienced by loved ones who journey in silence.