The Sentencing Support program is one of SOSOLO's new initiatives that has been implemented from the demonstration of need amongst members.  Everyone who has been to the sentencing of a loved one explicitly expresses that it is an emotionally overwhelming experience, and often when the sentencing is over and the loved one is taken to a provincial jail or federal prison, they feel a deep sense of loss.  SOSOLO works with individuals ahead of time, to help prepare them for what to expect at a sentencing hearing, and a peer will then accompany them to the actual sentencing to ensure they are supported prior, during, and after.


When the sentencing is over the support person is there to talk, be a shoulder to cry on, ensure the family member or friend is as okay as s/he can be in that moment.  Following the sentence, SOSOLO workers/members continue with the circle of support by following up via telephone, email, in-person to see how s/he is doing and to answer important questions in regards to what comes next.